Meet Mark Owens

Mark Owens is a local farmer and ranch owner, small business owner, Crane School Board Member, former Harney County Commissioner, husband and father, and Republican state representative for Oregon’s House District 60.

A Strong History

Representative Mark Owens is the Republican state representative for Oregon’s House District 60. He is a local farmer and small business owner, Crane School Board Member, and former Harney County Commissioner.

During the 2023 legislative session, Mark serves as Vice-Chair of the House Committee on House Committee On Agriculture, Land Use, Natural Resources, and Water; the House Committee on Climate, Energy and Environment; the House Committee on Business and Labor, and the Joint Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Natural Resources. He will also serve as an alternate member of the Joint Committee on Conduct.

Eastern Oregon has been Mark’s home for over 32 years, but his history in the community goes back much farther. Although he grew up in Boring, Oregon, Mark spent his summers as a teenager working on a ranch in Harney County before moving here as a young adult, meeting his wife, and making this community their home. He currently owns and operates an alfalfa ranch and custom haying business in Harney County.

Prior to being elected state representative, Mark served as a Harney County Commissioner where his main priority was to ensure Harney County’s ability to sustain local agriculture while looking for additional business opportunities and economic development for the community. The use of natural resources, public lands and protecting our way of life has been and still will be his primary focus.

When not working on his alfalfa ranch, running his local businesses, or serving in public capacities, Mark enjoys traveling with his family, visiting his daughter in college, watching his son play sports, and fishing.

House District 60 encompasses all of Baker, Grant, Harney, Lake and Malheur Counties, and parts of Deschutes County.

Legislative Committees

Local Leadership

    • Farmer and Owner, Owens Hay LL
    • Harney County Watershed Council
    • Blue Intergovernmental Council, Co–Convener
    • Harney Community-Based Water Planning Co-Convener
    • Crane School Board, Member​


    Sustainable Agriculture

    Our top priority needs to be protecting and strengthening our sustainable agricultural positions in farming, ranching, logging and mining  while looking for additional business opportunities and economic development for the community. By supporting multiple use with responsible management, we can preserve and enhance our natural resources and public lands.

    Education & Opportunity

    Oregon’s kids are our future—they deserve the very best we can give them. That means fully funding education with adequate, stable, and accountable dollars, and demanding results from our education system. We need educational choice and opportunities for career technical education, trades, and post-secondary education.

    Economic Growth

    Eastern Oregon is the greatest place to live and has a lot to offer. We need to encourage sustainable growth and innovation throughout our communities. And, we need to stop tax increases, hidden fees and red tape that are barriers to growth. We need to promote policy, rules, and law that support development and are business friendly to promote growth. By working together at a local and state level, and supporting our small and local businesses, we can create long-term economic strength.

    Accountability in Leadership

    Our government needs to work for us, not against our rural values and principles. State agencies and elected officials need to be held accountable for their decisions and fulfill their obligations made to citizens and local governments across Eastern Oregon—it is time for us not to be left behind.

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