| February 21, 2020

District 60 Representative Mark Owens spoke on the floor this week regarding his opposition to the bill that would ban coyote hunting. The bill, House Bill 4075 “Prohibits a person from conducting or participating in the contest, competition, tournament or derby that has the objective of taking coyotes for cash or prizes.”

According to information released by Owens, “Coyotes are a threat to our way of life in eastern Oregon. They prey and kill the animals that our ranchers and farmers raise for a living – they directly affect the bottom line of all our agricultural and farming communities, especially in House District 60 which makes up 24% of our state.”

Owens went on to say that “This legislation is born and bred out of a misunderstanding in Salem about our economies, communities, and livelihoods in eastern Oregon. I hope as we move forward, we can bridge those divides and build relationships to strengthen our great diverse state instead of passing laws that further the current divide.”

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